Head in the Clouds?
Brain Fog?
Thyroid Issues?
Are you plagued by any of these?
Bad fatigue
Hormone Fluctuations?
Brain Fog?
On thyroid meds, but just not feeling any better?
Doc says, "Labs are great!"  But your body disagrees!

If any of these plague you, then come to one of our seminars and learn what you can do to get better!

When Drugs Aren't Enough to Give Your Life back!
Come to our next seminar to learn about your alternatives!

 Complete the info below, and my office will call to let you know about our next seminar on

​​​​​​​17 May (Wed) at 6PM.

This will be held at the DoubleTree Hotel
27 N 27th St.
Billings, MT
"I have been on thyroid medicine for several years.  I just never seemed to get better.  I join the wellness program at Mountain Health.  Got all of my hormones balanced, learned how to eat, and now I am a new woman.!"  RC, Billings, MT
"I would go to the doc and my labs run and he would tell me all is normal.  I felt like crap.  This happened over and over.  Finally, I realized I must do something radically different.  The clinic was not helping me.  I found Dr. Roy and his clinic listened to my concerns.  They really listened.  I had new tests run and for the first time, I knew what the test were for.  Then we worked on my hormones.  We got good values.  My energy began to improve, and now I can really live again.  Thanks, guys."  AS, Billings. MT