You Don't Have to Live With Pain
I want help now!
Who Has Pain?
Are you in PAIN?
Are you sick 'n tired of how your pain meds are making you feel?
Do you want your old life back?
How could your family benefit from you having your pain managed more effectively?
Frustrated because you see no end in sight in terms of your health deteriorating?
I want help, now!
Come see us.

Traditional medicine manages pain only as a symptom, giving pain medication.  Once the medicine dose wears off, the pain returns.  It nevers ends.
In functional medicinewe want to address the causes of the pain.  If the cause is removed, then the pain goes away, as well as the need for the pain meds.
We can through life style changes and natural means, help reduce the inflammation whis is responsible for pain.  This is not hard.
When the cause for the pain is gone, so is the pain.  No need for those blasted pain pills.
Once and for all, discover the truth about your condition and what steps you can immediately take to start living fully again!
Who is this
program for?

If you have pain, and you are sick of it, and you want it gone,
If you want other options besides narcotics to treat you pain,
If you want your life back and in control, come see us. 
Call today for an appointment.  We will schedule for a visit.  You will complete some forms, and then come into the clinic for an evaluation by Roy Hall, MD.  We ask that you bring your spouse for this visit.  If your case looks like something we have to offer benefit, then a plan will be devised for you and reviewed.  This is a partnership unlike any others you have experienced in medicine.  It is one aimed at giving you control of your health, rather than being dominated by the provider.

Call today -
2110 Overland Ave, Ste 101A
Billings, MT 59102
Dr. Roy Hall is a MD and Functional Medicine practitioner, and also performs acupuncture.  He is the owner of Mountain Health Functional Medicine Clinic in Billings, MT. His clinic is one of the new 21st Centrury practices where the care is centered around the patient's needs and wants versus the older 20th centery model where time and volume dictate the care given.  He caters to those who feel hopeless when visiting thier traditional medical clinic, always fearful of a new medication and so little visit time which hinders in getting the patient's story heard and understood